This was an ad for Sho-Bud Guitars in 1975
Sho-Bud endorsed me with all equipment at the time....
This picture was taken on the road at Excelsior Springs, Missouri   


The Job

     I  talk with  my friend, Don Helms and learned that the job with ET and the Texas Troubadours was  open and that Don had recommended me for it..
      I made a plan to meet the show in Nashville and go on the road for a few days to observe and play some and in general to let them see me and see if they liked me, and to see if I liked the job, I just stayed, I was never hired, my trial period just stretched into years.
       The first day just watching Ernest work I sat there thinking, here is a prince of a man, super professional and a great stylist
and wonderful entertainer, and surrounded by super pros too.. .........Yes!...........I wanted this job.....

So Don stepped off the bus and I stepped on. Thanks Uncle Don

                                                                            Texas Troubadours


Buddy Emmons Shirt

Buddy was sometimes known for wearing some wild attire and even occasionally a new and radical hair do. While he was playing with the Texas Troubadours and ET in the late 50's, he purchased a shirt that was ( in some opinions) somewhat loud. This shirt was not an expensive one, just your garden variety Hawaiian shirt that had extensive volume to it.

This shirt somehow bothered ET and I think maybe ET thought it jinxed him somehow. Many times I had to remind Ernest that it was "bad luck to be superstitious."
But this shirt was getting to him....While they were playing poker ET just decided to buy it from Buddy and made him an offer of great generosity, maybe 25 bucks... for a 4 dollar shirt.... so Buddy sold it to him. And quick.....

Ernest took the shirt and walked over to the window in the hotel which was many stories up....He raised the window and commented that this was the ugliest shirt that he had ever seen and with much flair and gusto he threw the shirt out, closed the window and said, "Now that ugly SOB is gone, let's play cards"

At that exact moment Shot Jackson and some others from the tour were getting out of a cab in front of the hotel and saw the shirt falling, Shot picked it up and said "that is Buddy's shirt, I wonder why it fell out of the window?" I will just take it to him.
Shot came on up to the room where the others were playing cards and knocked...
Buddy came to the door shirtless and saw Shot with the shirt and just placed his fingers over his lips to indicate silence as Shot explained that he had found the shirt on the sidewalk...... Buddy then slipped the shirt back on and walked back in to the card game saying not a word....

In a few seconds ET asked Buddy, "Son how many of those ugly SOB's do you have cause I want to buy them all ! "

Only in the life of a Texas Troubadour......
                                                                            Texas Troubadours


Just one of my memories of the ET years

The Kids

I don't remember the exact date, but I think it was 1975 in the New England area, maybe Connecticut and probably Hartford. We had a matinee show in an old auditorium which was downtown.
      While just sitting on the bus in the front lounge ET and I was watching these 4 kids, 3 boys and a girl probably 12 to 14 years old, one of the boys had a bike, they were watching us and they waved. Ernest said, "I wish I was 14 again" and it got quiet on the bus again as some of us was still trying to get over the night before so we could do this 2 PM show.
      Dave Evans, our bass player was walking down the street towards the kids and he had food and coffee for himself that he had picked up from around the corner at a little cafe. As he passed the kids he smiled and spoke and kept walking. We could not hear his words but he shook his head as if to say NO.
When he got on board I asked if the kids wanted an autograph, he said that they did and promised to come back soon after eating.    
      Ernest had a rule pertaining to autographs, when asked we were obligated to respond immediately so I told Dave jokingly to get his ass back out there and do just that, and ET joined me and Pete Mitchell guitar player, in rubbing it in on Dave a little, as at that time he was still new with our show.
      When he returned he said that the kids was not going to the show as they had no money, they just wanted to sit on the wall by the sidewalk and watch the goings on.
       Ernest Tubb said go back and invite them over to the bus. They came running and they were excited, ET got them all a
picture each and while talking to them, he learned that one boy's
grandmother had some ET records and was thrilled to meet us and planned to go home and tell her all about this.
        When asked again about going to the show they said they had no money and could not attend where upon ET said would you like to be my special guest and they were jumping up and down.
       Ernest told me to get them 4 tickets. The promoter told me the show was sold out and the kids were troublemakers anyhow and he did not want them in the show as they had been hanging out all day by the back door and was in the way.

      When I told ET he said, "you just make it happen".

      There were no chairs, and no seats available so I placed amplifier covers on the floor by my steel on the stage in plain site of the audience, and sat them down.
      The promoter was furious with me, but I did what I thought was right.
      Ernest came on with his first song which was "Thanks A Lot" then he told the audience what a pleasure to be there on that beautiful Sunday and thanked them for coming to see us.
      Then he introduced each kid and explained that they were his "Special Guests" and sang his next song for them. They sat, mesmerized for the whole show. Then we got them food and drinks along with albums, tapes and pictures to take home at no
       These kids are now nearing their 50's and they must have wonderful memories of this too, I never knew their full names, never met them again, but I would love to know them again.
       Ernest Tubb let me be a part of this memory and he taught me so much, especially about loving people.....most of the people who were lucky enough to be around ET for a time were taught the same things and will carry these teachings on to others....this is another Ernest Tubb Legacy. Ernest Tubb was more than music and a very big man indeed.
       ET was never a Mason but he lived the life.
      This is just one of thousands of my memories of the ET years.

     It is hard for me to see my keyboard through tears as I recall
these memories,  so please bear with me as far as typing and spelling and explaining...If I ever write a book this is my No.1 Memory.
                                                                            Texas Troubadours

PS: If you were one of the kids let me know.


Lynn in 1976 wearing his Mickey Mouse Watch
which was a gift from Jimmy Day
"Ain't He Cute"

L to R:  Hoot Borden,  Lynn Owsley,  Wayne Hammond,  ET,
Don Mills,  Bennie Whitton,  Pete Mitchell 
 in 1974

Lynn with Jimmy Rogers' Martin Guitar
Currently on display at the Jimmy Rogers Shrine Museum
in Meridian Mississippi

L to R:  Don Mills,  Hoot Borden,  Wayne Hammond,  ET,
Dave Evans,  Lynn Owsley,  Pete Mitchell  
At Bill Monroe's Beanblossom Park in Brown County, Indiana in 1975

Pete Mitchell TT       Ronnie Dale TT                             Lynn Owsley TT

It can't be............Go Fish.........  .......Hey we are playing "Old Maid" !


   Tour Bus of Ernest Tubb and the Texas Troubadours from 1970-1979.

    This 1964 Silver Eagle was orginally purchased by ET in 1970 from
Trailways Bus Company. It was used by ET and the Texas Troubadours
for traveling purposes only. And named The Green Hornet

    During its years of service over three million miles were logged.
 It traveled to all 48 Continental states as well as Canada.

ET retired the bus in 1979 and donated it to the
Ernest Tubb Record Shop for public viewing.

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Ernest Tubb
And Lynn




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