ET Pictures                                 TT after a name stands for Texas Troubadours


TT after a name stands for Texas Troubadours


Tour Bus of Ernest Tubb and the Texas Troubadours from 1970-1979.

    This 1964 Silver Eagle was orginally purchased by ET in 1970 from
Trailways Bus Company. It was used by ET and the Texas Troubadours
for traveling purposes only. And named The Green Hornet

    During its years of service over three million miles were logged.
 It traveled to all 48 Continental states as well as Canada.

ET retired the bus in 1979 and donated it to the
Ernest Tubb Record Shop for public viewing.

Junior Pruneda TT- Ronnie Blackwell TT- Randy Woolery TT- Lynn Owsley TT- Pete Mitchell TT-   ET

The Grand Ole Opry in 1977

ET             Pete Mitchell  TT         Lynn TT   

Ronnie Blackwell TT- Junior Pruneda TT- ET - Pete Mitchell TT- Randy Woolery TT- Lynn Owsley TT
At Jimmy Rodgers Memorial in 1977

Back L to R:   Justin Tubb TT -  James Buchanan  - ..?.. Russell  -  Pete Mitchell TT -  Sonny Wright
 - Opry Star Charlie Walker  -  ET  -  Hoot Borden TT -  Riggie Alley

Front L to R:  Don Mills TT -  Freddie Buchanan  -  Cope McDaniel, Jimmy Dickens Steel Player
- Wayne Hammond TT -  Dick Shuey  -  Ernest "Tinker" Tubb Jr. TT -  Lynn Owsley TT

In his mid 80s, Freddie Buchanan is now the oldest employee at the ET Record Shop

 Greg Mitchell TT               Keith Gattis TT               Lynn Owsley TT              Jack Leonard TT
Ronnie Dale TT              Jack Green TT             Pete Mitchell TT

Texas Troubadours 1st Reunion

          Buddy Emmons TT    Billy Byrd TT    Jimmy Heap Jr. TT       Lynn Owsley TT      Ronnie Dale TT     

That's Billy Byrd TT looking over Lynn's about pressure
At the 1995 Texas Troubadours Reunion

          Rusty Adams TT     Jimmy Heap TT   Sissy Spacek       Pete Mitchell TT    Lynn Owsley TT                     
Coal Miners Daughter at The Midnite Jamboree

Larry Emmons, ET, Rusty Adams, Sissy Spacek, Jimmy Heap, Pete Mitchell, Lynn Owsley


Open in 1947, so that all country music entertainers
would have a place to sell their music

The Midnite Jamboree Is the longest continuous running radio show in the history of broadcasting

L to R:     Eddie Stubbs of WSM,    Buddy Charleton TT,    Junior Pruneda TT,    Leon Rhodes TT,
Opry Star - Jeannie Seely ,    Noel Stanley TT,    David McCormick CEO ET Inc,    Don Mills TT,
 Hoot Borden TT,    Lynn Owsley TT,    Don Helms TT,    Jimmy Heap TT,    Ron Elliott TT

At the 60th Anniversary May 5th 2007

Buddy Charleton TT and  Lynn TT


1977 Sho-Bud guitar for ET's Birthday

Built by Shot Jackson with
the help of Lynn Owsley

Currently owned by Cal Smith TT

ET always would take all the time
needed for his Fans