Family Pictures                                                        TT after a name stands for Texas Troubadours

Home Sweet Home

Howard  Lynn Owsley TT

Lynn's son Jeremy   Don Helms TT  Smiley Roberts
At Uncle Don's 80th Birthday Party

"Uncle Don, we all miss you so very much"

        ET       Jeremy Owsley              
At ET's House  on   9/29/1981

Lynn  and  Sheila 

Buford  and  Dewey bulldog
Dewey was 12 he passed  July 20, 2009

Exxon Valdez   "Slick" for short
Seeing and Tasting  his first snow fall

Jeremy Owsley
1st Gold Record presented by
 Paramore Rock & Roll group

Go "LYNNHOUND" and leave the driving to us

  Don Helms TT    Jeremy   Smiley Roberts
At Uncle Don's 80th Birthday Party

"Although Don and I were not related, we
were Masonic Brothers and Don was the very best friend a man could ever have."

        ET      Jeremy Owsley      1979

Joshua Owsley   in   1988

Lynn  and  Sheila

Jeremy Owsley

Jack Green TT       Sheila Owsley TTW

Lynn  &  Gerald Owsley
Lynn's brother

In this photo we see Metallica band members Kirk Hammett, Right,
 and drummer Lars Ulrich, trying out Kirk's guitar. Just over Lars shoulder you will see Jeremy and Lynn standing in the background. This photo was taken on Jan 5th 2000 at the Allstate Arena in Chicago IL, Backstage just minutes before Metallica was about to take the stage on the Metallica / Kid Rock tour

Lynn and Jeremy on David Letterman's set at Late Show in NYC.
 It was in August of 2000 they were working there with KID ROCK at the time,
 he was his musical guest that night.

Jeremy Owsley                               Lynn                          Frank Monice

"I've had a bunch of request..............but quiet honestly..........
...........the microphone won't fit.............               
                               .............and neither will the guitar"

Sheila Owsley TTW                        Joy Ford                         Gloria Willowdean
Owner of  "Bell Cove"

Holding a platinum record for one million in sales of the hit
"Chiseled In Stone" by Vern Gosdin. This platinum record was
presented to Jim Vest for his wonderful steel playing on the record.
Jim donated it to Lynn's fund-raiser, and it is now in the
possession of Joy Ford owner of "Bell Cove" in Hendersonville, TN
It will have a good home.


Jeremy at home

Jeremy Owsley My Space Click here

About Me Jeremy
My Life story....Born Nov.15 1976 in lovely Nashville Tenn. I am 33. Never married and no children yet. I work in the music biz, so that keeps me busy touring alot. I drive entertainment buses, for musical artists. KID ROCK, KORN, 311, P!NK, EVE6, DANZIG, UNCLE KRACKER, MARTINA McBRIDE, PARAMORE, SHOOTER JENNINGS, ALLMAN BROS., SUGAR RAY, 50CENT, R.KELLY, & DMX are just a few of the high profile artists that I have worked with. I got my CDL when I turned 21, and I have been driving since then. I also play drums for a Nashville based punk/ska rock band called MURVACET. I have been playing drums for 18 years now, and a few years ago in the Jan.2005 copy of DRUM! magazine, I had a feature article written about me that brought me nationwide attention. Also my name appears in 2 major albums that you can buy at any record/music store. UNCLE KRACKER / DOUBLEWIDE Atlantic / Lava / Top Dog records "2000" This album is double platinum, so I can say that my name is in 2 Million homes, and I am also credited as the best bus driver on the planet in PARAMORE / "RIOT!" album. 2007 Fueled By Ramen / Atlantic. This album is certified platinum! Check em out.

Who I'd like to meet: Waylon Jennings, Elvis Presley, Phil Lynott, Cliff Burton

Article from Jan. 2005 issue of "DRUM!" magazine

Article from Jan. 2005 issue of "DRUM!" magazine

One of Lynn's Buses  (2000 MCI) 45'





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