Friends Pictures 1                          TT after a name stands for Texas Troubadours


Lynn Owsley TT        Bobby Bear

bass player Bob Moore     holding a gun
on Lynn for some booze

   Charlie Daniels          Lynn Owsley TT

  Cal "C#" Sharp                      Lynn TT      
Faron Young's Steel Guitarist                             

John Kearns             Bobbe Seymour             
                  Lynn  Owsley TT               Chad Udean

Jerry Byrd TT Buddy Emmons TT Ron Elliott TT
Lynn Owsley TT Wayne Fleming TT Jimmy Day TT
"The Supreme Court of Steel" 

Lynn TT            Dottie Jack

   Lynn TT           Sherry & Cletus Hopkins
Thanks Cletus for all your help
"Picture taker Video maker Song singer"

   Dee Craig      Lynn TT      Bob Callaway
Bob is President of the
Louisville Metro Steel Guitar Club

TOOTSIE Hattie Bess           Lynn TT         

Tom "Wolf" Morrell           Akira Kobayashi         
             Buddy Charleton TT          Lynn Owsley TT

Ray Price         Lynn Owsley TT
on Ray's bus

Jerry & Jack Calhoun,     "Little Buddy" Jennison
Smiley Roberts in back
Jerry,  Smiley,  Lynn,  Jack,  Little Buddy

Lynn Owsley TT   Leon Rhodes TT     Mike Cass

Leon Rhodes  TT  and  Lynn Owsley  TT

Hazel Helms            Don Helms TT               
                    Ron Elliott TT               Leslie Elliott

  Red Kilby       Lynn TT

Lynn Owsley TT                 Jerry Borden TT        
                              Dick Clark           Pete Mitchell TT

Lynn TT          Lloyd Green

Lynn TT             Dottie Jack

Lynn TT             Terry Crisp

Jimmy TT and Marilyn Day      Lynn Owsley TT
Jimmy into Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame 1982

Lynn Owsley TT       Buddy Emmons TT
It was good to see Buddy at the June 9, 2009
Nashville Tennessee Steel Guitar Association Jam

                      Lynn TT                 Will Sullivan
Will is a fine guitar player and
is the Treasurer of The
Nashville Tennessee Steel Guitar Association

                       Lynn Owsley TT                      Ralph Mooney                       Boomer Castleman
Boomer is the inventor of the Bigsby Palm Pedal

Lynn Owsley TT             Billy Robinson
In Billy Robinson's Kitchen         
with Billy's wife Carolyn in the back fixin-up some goood groceries

Don Helms TT          Jerry Brightman         Billy Robinson        Lynn Owsley TT         Bud Isaacs

Lynn Owsley TT                 Buddy Emmons TT
On ET's  Midnite Jamboree

Lynn Owsley TT                       Weldon Myrick                    Buddy Emmons TT
At ET's  Midnite Jamboree
Do we really want to know what is written on Weldon's shirt

   Peggy Emmons                  Steve Robinson of NASA        Lynn Owsley TT    Buddy Emmons TT
Billy Robinson                                  Buck Grantham             
At 2007 International Steel Guitar Convention in Saint Louis, Missouri


Danny Hammers                Lynn TT                     Jim Vest   
Boy, he needed a wide angle lens for this shot !

Dan and Jim grew up just a few miles from each other in Kentucky.
Maybe it's in the water

Lynn Owsley TT                      1982                    Jimmy Day TT
Private Party For The Governor of Texas