Friends Pictures 2                        TT after a name stands for Texas Troubadours

       Lynn TT       "Papa" John Hughey
John did a lot of session work for a lot of
well known artist but he played many
years for his boyhood friend
Harold Lloyd Jenkins better
 known as Conway Twitty
then a few yrs. with Loretta Lynn
and the last 17 yrs. with Vince Gill
We Miss Ya Ole Friend

What part of a steel guitar is known as

     Lynn TT           Willie Nelson TT
"Hurry up and get this picture made
so we can fire one up!"

Doug Jernigan             Lynn TT

Ronnie Dale TT -        Lynn TT                           
           Jimmy Heap TT      Barry "Deputy" Barnes
Barry is  Editor of NASHVILLE NOW & THEN

   Billy's wife            Don's wife
     Carolyn Robinson  -  Hazel Helms TTW
         Lynn TT                               

Weldon & Judy Myrick           Lynn TT
Weldon was the staff steel guitarist
on The Grand Ole Opry for 32 years

Lynn TT      Jay Andrews
Johnny Paycheck's  Steel Guitarist

Lynn Owsley TT                      Ronnie Dale TT
"Little Buddy" Jennison      
Honorary TT  or is
that  Ornery TT                   

Lynn TT        Charlie Louvin

           Lynn TT         DeWitt "Scotty" Scott
This is one of the very 1st  Electric Guitars
This is a  Rickenbacker "Fry Pan"
Made by Electro in 1932
own by Scotty who was born in 1932

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Terry Bethel           Lynn  TT        
Terry is the man that made
Mel Tillis the star he is today

Jeannie Seely     Don Helms TT      Lynn TT  
Opry Star                                              

Lynn TT- Freddie Hart - John"Hollywood"Mullins
        Opry Star             Lynn's Driver

Bo Chalopek    Lynn Owsley TT    Johnny Bush

Lynn TT       Weldon Myrick
At the "Junk Yard" 6/12/09

Rodney Crisp               Lynn Owsley TT
This young man plays it all and well
He is also Amber Martin's Little Brother
At the Louisville Metro Steel Guitar Club
Hall Of Fame Show to Benefit
The Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame, Inc.
In St. Louis, Missouri

David Frizzell     Lynn TT    Gene Watson


Lynn  TT            Don Helms TT
But Uncle Don, There's NO pedal for that on this guitar !!
We lost Don in Aug. 2008, miss you ole friend

Lynn                  Scotty                        Billy Robinson           Royce Morgan  lead guitar
Uncle Don told me I didn't need all these "PEDALS"


Howard White                Lynn TT
"Howard........Howard......, ......the camera is over this way"
We lost Howard in late 2008, miss you ole friend

                                   Harold "Shot" Jackson                       ET                  Lynn Owsley TT
Builder of the Sho-Bud Guitars                                

 Noel Stanley TT  -  Ron Elliott TT  -   Stonewall Jackson   -   Lynn Owsley  TT
                              Opry Stat

Top Left to right,    Jeff Newman,  Ralph Mooney,  Jerry Byrd,  Lloyd Green
Bottom L to R,     Robbie Turner,  Lynn Owsley,  Neil Flanz

 Stonewall Jackson   -   Lynn Owsley  TT         in  1971
 Opry Star                                               


Jimmy Heath  with Lynn  and Jeremy

Lynn with Reverend Horton Heat
at Exit in Nashville

TT after a name stands for Texas Troubadours