Friends Pictures 3                           TT after a name stands for Texas Troubadours

Bobby Reed            Lynn TT
Bobby owner of

Lynn Owsley TT - Jan Howard -  Bobbe Seymour
Opry Star  
Bobbe owner of  Steel Guitar Nashville

Billy Robinson                     Lynn TT                   
                   Jonathan Candler     Randy Candler

"Jonathan is a 16-year old from Arizona learning to play steel guitar. It's a difficult instrument for anybody to master, though Jonathan has gotten very good over the years while being blind.
What an inspirational young man to be around."

Lynn TT     Eddie Dunlap
Great  young Steel Guitarist

Bud Isaacs               Lynn Owsley TT
Bud recorded "Slowly I'm Falling"
with Webb Pierce in 1954
This was the first recording using
a Pedal Steel Guitar

Leona Williams                   Lynn TT

Mike Sweeney        Lloyd Green       Lynn TT
In Lloyd's back yard

Little Jimmy Dickens        Lynn  TT 
22nd Golden R.O.P.E.  Banquet     

Lynn TT         Rob Parker

Lynn Owsley TT              Mike Radford

Tresa Street     Lynn TT      Mike Radford

Will Sullivan       Lynn TT         Billy Robinson
Having just to much fun

Will Sullivan                       Lynn TT   

Al Bruno    Russ Hicks     Lynn TT    Ben Brogdon
Ben passed away Jan 18 2009 and
he will be missed!
He was an outstanding bass player

Lynn TT        Chris Malpass
Chris is opening for Merle Haggard

Lynn Owsley TT     Jay Andrews     Don Helms TT
At  a session 1990

Ralph Mooney         Lynn         Gene Fields
Gene is  the builder of the "GFI" Steel Guitars

Wayne Lewis     Lynn TT
Wayne was with Bill Monroe

Little Jimmy    Amber Martin    Lynn TT  
    22nd Golden R.O.P.E.  Banquet

Kid Rock sitting down next to Hank Jr, Lynn, and Uncle Kracker standing up
In summer of 2000 at Hank Williams JR's cabin in Henry Co. TN.

Jamming with Hank Williams JR

Jim Nelligan                  Lynn Owsley TT                   Billy Robinson
At The Louisville Metro Steel Guitar Clubs
2009 Hall of Fame Show

Jett Williams        Russ Hicks         Lynn Owsley TT         Ron Elliott TT        Billy Robinson
The 2009 22nd Annual Golden R.O.P.E.   Banquet / Awards / Show
with Jett Williams and The Men Of Steel

Back L to R     Lynn Owsley    Wayne Hobbs     Rusty Rhoads     Sharon Denny     Don Curtis
Front L to R     Billy Robinson       Ron Elliott       DeWitt "Scotty" Scott       Chubby Howard   


L to R: Mike Cass, Jimmie Crawford,  Buck Reid,  Russ Hicks,  Buddy Emmons TT,  Lloyd Green,
Lynn Owsley TT (nice shirt Lynn!),  Ron Elliott TT,  and Smiley Roberts (in the cap)

Buddy's new guitar with End Plate to Match Lynn's shirt

Lynn Owsley TT       Buddy Emmons TT

It was good to see Buddy at the June 9, 2009 Nashville Tennessee Steel Guitar Association Jam
They have been around each other so much they are starting to look alike