Friends Pictures 4                       TT after a name stands for Texas Troubadours

Al Bruno               Lynn Owsley TT
Al Bruno was voted "Guitar Player Of The Year"
 at lease 7 times

     Lynn TT       Vince Gill     David Chamberlain
At Station Inn

Vic Lawson            Lynn Owsley TT
Steel Guitarist for  Josh Turner

Johnny Counterfeit          Lynn Owsley TT
Diane Berry
owner RUDI's Cafe next door to
The Texas Troubadour Theatre

Lois      Russ Woolen        Leon Rhodes TT        
Will Sullivan    Boomer Castleman    Lynn TT

 Lynn TT   and    Bobby Ritchie AKA "Kid Rock"

"Kid Rock"
Trying out Lynn's Derby

2 guys from the band "311" that Lynns son Jeremy drives for
left is Aaron "P-Nut" Wills
right is Sa Martinez, DJ and Vocalist


George & Nancy Jones    Lynn Owsley TT    

Lynn Owsley TT      Buddy Charleton TT

Lynn Owsley TT                  Junior Pruneda TT  
Buddy Charleton TT    

Johnny Duncan          Pete Mitchell TT                   
                      AJ Lockett                  Lynn Owsley TT

Lynn Owsley TT    Joey Allcorn     Don Helms TT

Rusty Danmyer             Lynn Owsley TT
Rusty is touring with LeAnn Rimes

       Jeremy           Lynn TT       Chad  Udeen
At Gary Allan's New Years Party 2008

Lynn Owsley and Tom Morrell
in 2005


Lynn Owsley TT and Tommy White both living in
Hendersonville, Tenn.  Are 2013 inductees into the
 International Steel Guitar Hall of Fame on Aug 31 2013
Standing next to Kris Kristofferson bus
courtesy Jerry Calhoun 

Hall of Fame at the 2013 Convention

Connie Smith         Merle Haggard         Marty Stuart        Lynn Owsley TT
July 25, 2010

Rufus Thibodeaux, Lynn Owsley and Jack Greene Oct. 12, 1982
at Mid Nite Jamboree

Lynn and Buck Owens

Sammy & Son The Geezinslaws             Ray Price               Lynn Owsley TT                 
Sammy Allred   and   Dewayne "Son" Smith

Steve Amm         Lynn Owsley TT          Bill Pitcock            Ron Elliott TT          Snuffy Smith

Rusty Hurse (RIP)           Jeremy Owsley             Lynn Owsley TT                 Roy Rosetta
Performing in New Smyrna Beach FLA. 1999

Lynn Owsley TT      Cory Huffman        Charlie Louvin         Tugboat Jerry         
                      Opry Star
Huffman is one of the prettiest and talented gal singers to hit Nashville in a long time

Tugboat Jerry was chosen by the Tubb family to perform ET songs for
 Texas Country Music Hall of Fame induction of Ernest Tubb, in 1999

Standing:   Lynn Owsley TT     Linda Bush      Col. Johnny Lyons       Rev. Keith Corrick
Johnny Bush              Eddie Stubbs DJ on WSM               Jay Orr

Jay Orr,  Vice President of Museum Programs, of the
   Country Music Hall Of Fame & Museum

Rev. Keith Corrick of the Hughesville Baptist Church in Hughesville, Maryland. 
Keith is one of my (Eddie Stubbs) closest friends 
and he is one of Johnny Bush's biggest fans. 
Keith drove 12 hours that day from Maryland just so he could be in
the studio that night--something he's done two or three times before.

The reason for the gathering that evening was to plug a show that Johnny
 Bush was doing in conjunction with the Ray Price exhibit at the Hall Of Fame.

Eddie Stubbs                                
WSM  Nashville                             


LEFT to RIGHT:    Tony Prior,  Jim Florence,  David L. Donald,  Tommy Dodd,  Clive Swindell,  Mystery Guest #1: _,
W. Franco,  Mike Fereday,  Gary Phillips,  Leonard T. Zinn,  Mystery Guest #4: _,  Smiley Roberts,
Tim Harr,  Red Kilby,  Mystery Guest #6: _, Donna Dodd,  Lynn Owsley TT,  Anne Marie O'Keeffe,  Gary Steele,
Bobby "b0b" Lee,  John O'Keeffe,  Mac Lloyd,  Mike Weirauch,  Tony Davis,  Larry Moore,  Tom Brumley, 
Ursula O'Keeffe,   Mystery Guest #11: _,  Mystery Guest #12: _,  Walter Stettner,  Al Brisco,  Ron Page,
 Chris Kennison, Steve Piticco,  Ann Fabian,  Billy Phelps,  John Fabian.

Bobby "b0b" Lee's Steel Guitar FORUM in 2004
Photo courtesy of Carter Steel Guitars