Keepsake Pictures                     TT after a name stands for Texas Troubadours






5 String Fiddle
formerly own by
Chubby Wise of
"Orange Blossom Special"
"Grand Ole Opry"
"Hank Snow"






Lynn at 11 years old






Buddy is holding the body of
Jimmy Day's Sho-Bud
Sho-Bud #3

Buddy built this body for Jimmy Day
It was the #3 Sho-Bud cabinet Buddy
built around 1957,
with his own being #4

Buddy also wrote
Jimmy's name on the front

It's now in the possession of
Texas Troubadour, Lynn Owsley
Picture was taken in Feb 2000

Buddy said: "I told Jimmy I would build
his cabinet first so if I made any mistakes,
I could correct them on mine."

Jimmy: "Sounds fair to me..."

Howard Lynn Owsley at 18 years old
H L Owsley
Nickname Hard Luck

The Steel Used in Coal Miners Daughter